Solution Architect

From $150/h
Our founder Benoit Chabord will help your company to find a solution to your problems. After getting an understanding of your position he will provide you with diagrams and documents with solutions and alternatives.

Technical audit and due diligence

From $1000
Our senior solution architect and developers can perform an audit of your digital product making sure that it follows best practices and is built to last. We can also perform stress test to make sure that your website will not crumble under pressure

Ongoing SEO

From $500 per month
After an initial audit you will need to track keywords and improvements over time. Our team will come up with ideas of content and website improvements on a monthly basis. This can also be mixed with the ongoing analytics.

Integration Maintenance

From $1000 per month
Prismatic can look after your integrations, make sure that breaking changes are fixed quickly. Update security patches and proactive alerting.

Ongoing Analytics/Data

From $1000 per month
Using Google analytics or your own database we will maintain and add dashboards to make your business data driven on a day to day basis. This service can include: Alerting, Screen dashboards, Public dashboards, Monthly reports and more

Web Build

Website prototype

From $2000
You need a prototype to impress your investors or help your business case, we can deliver a website with basic integrations and design within a week

Mobile app prototype

From $3000
You already have a website but you need a proof of concept for a mobile app? We can rapidly build a cross platform app using Flutter (a Google cross platform app framework). A week is all we need to produce an app of with a few screens

Simple Website

From $5000
What we call a simple website is a Static website or E-Commerce hosted on Shopify. The design needs to be managed on your side and we will do all the coding. Once we deliver the website you will only pay for a Shopify monthly fee.

SEO Audit

From $1000
Prismatic will help you understand how to improve the visibility of your website especially via Google. This can be done with simple technical improvement to your website or via keyword research to give you an idea of the content that you should produce.

Simple Custom Build Website

From $15K + Ongoing maintenance
A simple custom build website may be on Shopify or other existing platforms but could contain special integration or App work. It can also be a website hosted on our servers that can enable your business to do what you have always wanted.

Complex Custom Build Website

From $50K + Ongoing maintenance
This kind of website would require a number of Solution Architecture hours, SEO research and Custom build an integrations.